Zoe’s Birth Story (induction of labour)

Zoe, a first time mum, was keen to avoid induction of labour, she waited until 16 days past her due date but as baby Poppy still hadn’t made an appearance she agreed to have her labour started. Despite a medically managed labour, Zoe remained positive and applied all the hypnobirthing techniques she had learnt from the course, Zoe truly rocked her hypnobirth! Here is her story…..

Because my pregnancy had passed 42 weeks obviously there was a lot of pressure for induction. I did put it off for 4 days and it seemed things had started on their own on the Friday night but then suddenly everything stopped and so on Saturday they induced me, rightly or wrongly. I was given the pessary and dilated quickly and was then moved to the delivery suite.

I never thought I’d actually fully hypnobirth like the ladies in the videos we were shown in our classes, but I did know I was feeling relaxed and positive about birth.
However, despite things not going completely as planned, I bloody did it!! I was mooing all the way! I loved it, and although parts of it were tough, especially the birthing down phase, it was an incredible experience, things were very clam and there was a lot of love in the room. I didn’t want any drugs and although I took a few puffs of gas and air towards the end of dilation I felt it hindered my concentration and made me relax too much, so I stopped using it.

Unfortunately as I was being induced I needed to be continually monitored so I couldn’t move around easily, and had lots of dilation assessments. At one point I wanted to push but was told it was too early, by the time I was ‘allowed’ I had run out of steam so I was then given the hormone drip. I was put on my back with legs in stirrups and the baby was now given the clip to monitor her heart rate. As her heart rate was not recovering so well the doctors were hanging around, they said they would use the ventouse as she was so low down already. Despite the pressure, discomfort, invasive assessments and tiredness I made sure I pushed her out in no time to everyone’s astonishment and without any assistance.

I’m holding onto the positivity of her birth and have learnt so much. I’m just so pleased she’s so well and happy, she’s a very happy chilled baby with breastfeeding going well, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

If I hadn’t have hypnobirthed I would have been in a state I’m sure, and still would be. So thank you, thank you, thank you, bumps ‘n’ babies !