Stacey’s Birth Story (fifth baby)

An inspirational mother of five, Stacey was taught HypnoBirthing by Sharon when expecting her last child, Max. Labour was induced naturally, using a HypnoBirthing script and she had her first pool birth.  Here is her story;

Finding out I was pregnant with baby number 5 was a lovely welcome surprise to my husband and I. We already have 4 children (3 boys and a girl) and each birth has been straightforward, all of them born between 36-39 weeks so I have been fortunate to not go over due and experience the anxious wait. Our other 4 children were all born in hospital and this time I really wanted a water birth – they seemed to be more relaxed and the women in more control. I have known Sharon for many years as a friend and a work colleague. When she told me about her hypnobirthing I really wanted to give it a try.

I’ve always been pretty relaxed about giving birth, but I sometimes become impatient for my babies to arrive around my due date, so when Sharon offered to read an induction of labour hypnosis script to me, I decided to give it a go. ….It was a wonderful experience and I slept very well afterwards feeling calm and relaxed. 3 days later my labour began! My previous labours have been fairly quick and I’ve delivered not long after arriving at the hospital!
During my labour I immediately focused on some of the things Sharon said from the hypnobirthing scriptabout visualising a calming colour (bluey purple! ) flowing through my body and this helped me to relax in the water and I ended up having the most amazing waterbirth. Baby Max was born after a 4 hour labour weighing 6lbs 13 at 39 weeks.
I think the hypnobirthing really did help me to control my breathing and to visualise the baby becoming closer to being born with each contraction. I honestly didn’t think I would remember anything from the script that Sharon read, but it all came straight to me in labour and it was brilliant! I cannot thank Sharon enough! Would definitely do it all again with baby number 6 !!!
Stacey, W-S-M

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