Scarlett’s Birth Story

Scarlett began her labour on the midwife led unit at the Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton. She transferred to the obstetric unit at full dilatation due to her baby being malpositioned. She went on to birth her beautiful baby boy with some help from the hormone drip! Baby Mateo was born on the 7th of June, weighing 6lb 7oz ,and what a chilled and happy little boy he is! Here is her story…

I was due on Saturday the 3rd of June and on the following Monday morning my contractions started. They were very sporadic and easy to handle with the hypnobirthing breathing techniques I learnt on the course with Jade. I spent most of the time walking around my house or lying on my side, chatting and laughing with my family. I also tried to eat a few meals and snacks.

This continued throughout Tuesday until Wednesday morning when my contractions became more intense and closer together and I went into the midwife led unit at 11am. I got into the birth pool shortly after arrival and it was very relieving and relaxing.

However, after a few hours I was asked to leave the pool due to some blood loss so they could check me. By this point I was starting to feel exhausted and I was struggling to stand, so I lay on the bed whilst they checked me over. I was 10cm dilated but my waters hadn’t yet broken. They could feel that the baby was ready to come out but he was in an awkward position. His body had swung to the side slightly and his head was facing the side. The midwife broke my waters and told me to start pushing but I didn’t really understand how. I had no uncontrollable sensation to push, I didn’t feel the transition stage kick in at all. I was seated on a birthing seat but my contractions had stopped, my eyes were rolling to the back of my head because I was so tired, it felt like my body couldn’t function anymore!

The midwives decided to take me down to the obstetric led unit where I was put on a hormone drip to get my contractions started again, and when they returned I began to push. Unfortunately I had to lie on my back with my legs up whilst the midwives held his head as he kept slipping back in! It took almost 2 hours of pushing to get him out, and when he finally did come he was brought up to me and I burst into sobs and shook all over. The 73 hours of drug free labour proved to be absolutely worth it!!

So that’s an account of what happened physically. Emotionally, I was extremely strong throughout the whole thing. At no point did I become anxious, panicked or upset. Yes, I wanted a calm and natural water birth, but what happened happened and I can’t thank the hypnobirthing techniques enough for supplying me with the tools I needed to stay calm and focused. I just let my body do the work (until I had to have medical intervention of course!)

I’d like to thank you Jade for your help and spreading your knowledge. As I stated before, I would not have coped through my experience without all that you taught me. xx