Rose’s Birth Story

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Rose and Rupert were taught hypnobirthing by Sharon. Rose chose to birth in hospital and by a stroke of luck had Katheryn as her midwife! Here is her birth story…

Throughout the early part of my pregnancy, I was struggling to cope with the onslaught of attention and unsolicited advice from people around me and starting to doubt whether what was instinctive to me was right. Attending the hypnobirthing classes re-affirmed many of the things that I believed myself – that pregnancy and birth can be approached with a calm, positive and practical approach, accepting and embracing the changes that are happening to your body and your life. The breathing techniques and birth affirmations track helped me sleep and relax, which I have no doubt had a huge benefit to my mental (and therefore physical) health.

When I woke up at 2am on Friday 8th July with mild surges every 10 minutes, I was able to stay calm… …so much so that we stayed at home until 4am on Saturday, until they were quite intense and only 3 minutes apart. Rupert and I both felt that the hypnobirthing course helped us to do this and the only reason that we went into hospital then was because I really wanted to get the car journey over and done with and relax again. We were checked in to St Michael’s hospital at 5am, and at 8am when the midwife shift changed, we were really lucky to get Katheryn Gallagher from the bumps n babies team as our midwife! I definitely wasn’t a silent hypnobirthing mother! However I did only use entonox and I absolutely trusted Katheryn and will never forget her kindness, patience and calmness, even when Huey made quite a swift entrance into the world in the tiniest of toilet cubicles in the corner of the room at 9.44am! Along with what we learnt from the hypnobirthing course, Katheryn also gave us some invaluable advice about our first weeks as a new family that gave us the confidence to give Huey a gentle start to his life.

Essentially, I am so glad that I found bumps n babies, you are fabulous and I can’t thank you enough for helping me to enjoy my pregnancy and trust my body to bring our son into the world safely.

(Thank you for your kind words and great feedback of the course Rose! – love from the bumps n babies team xx)