Kelly’s Birth Story

Kelly was admitted to hospital, with her second baby, with Doctors keen to induce labour, but she still had a wonderful birth. Here is her story;

Baby boy Leonard John (to be known as Leo) arrived on Thursday the 5th of June 2014 at 09.09, weighing a lovely 7lbs 1 1/2 ozs. Although neither of us fitted the ‘normal, healthy criteria’ we still achieved a lovely normal, healthy birth. Here is my birth story…
On Monday the 2nd of June I was admitted to the antenatal ward for observation due to raised blood pressure. The doctors wanted to induce my labour but I was reluctant. As a compromise I agreed to a stretch and sweep to see if that would get things going. I am very grateful to the lovely midwife who gave me a very thorough stretch & sweep, she did a great job! I went home fingers crossed, hopeful that labour would start naturally as an induction had been booked for my due date, 8 days later, and I really wanted to avoid this.
The following evening I had a few niggles but thought nothing of it, but later that night I woke feeling regular crampy tightenings that I was able to doze in between. A few hours later, at around 05.30, I put on the hypnobirthing C.D. Just an hour later at 06.30 I felt it was time to call the delivery suite. I think because I sounded so calm the midwife I spoke to thought I was probably only in the very early phase of labour so she suggested that I stay home a bit longer. Although I was coping really well at home I just knew it was time to go in, so I told her that I felt pressure in my bottom, she then agreed that I should make my way on in. A routine scan in pregnancy had suggested that once born my baby may have needed medical input from the neonatal team, if this hadn’t been the case then I would have been happy to stay at home longer and perhaps had an unplanned home birth!! I continued to listen to the hypnobirthing CD through my headphones during the journey to hospital and we arrived at 7.30. I still felt so calm and relaxed that I started to doubt whether I was actually in labour. I even apologized to the midwife just before she examined me incase I was not dilated. To both our surprises I was actually 7cms dilated and then my waters went! 50 minutes later Leonard John arrived in a much more controlled & relaxed way than my first baby. I had just a few puffs of gas & air towards the end to help control my breathing. No stitches thanks to the perineal massage! I’m still on a high from what a positive experience it was. After a few days in hospital for observations baby Leo and I are now home and he is doing well – breastfeeding like a demon! The hypnobirthing techniques definitely helped me birth my beautiful boy in a controlled way which I suspect also contributed to no tearing. I wouldn’t say it was a completely pain free or orgasmic birth for me, but thanks to hypnobirthing it was definitely an enjoyable experience that I would love to do again, and I never thought I’d say that!

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