Jo’s Birth Story

Using positive thinking, breathing and visualisation Jo had a lovely hosptial birth with her first baby, Bobby.  Here is her story;

Good morning Vietnam! was the strange reply from my slightly hungover partner Jamie as I announced my waters had broke that morning….

It was 7am on the Thursday the 29th of December 2011 -the long awaited due date of my first baby. As if my magic I had awoke to a little popping sound, followed by a steady stream of warm water soaking into the bed.

When I change the sheets I now look fondly at the faint patch that has stained the mattress on my side of my bed and reminds of the feelings that rushed into my body that morning.

I literally jumped out of bed with excitement! Jamie instructed me to call the hospital which for some reason I felt reluctant to do. I forbid him from phoning or texting anyone. This was our special moment and I wanted it all to myself. Later that afternoon we visited the hot, busy hospital after a long, leaky wait (my waters continued to seep out all day) I was instructed to lie on a bed and wait abit more. Then after being checked over was told that if I had no contractions by the following morning I would have to be induced to reduce the risk of infection to the baby. The tears rolled down my face. No way was I going to be induced. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I was so determined not be overdue and induced I had not even thought about this happening. The excitement of that morning seemed a million miles away.

When we got home I packed all the Christmas decorations away, I swept and moved away all the leaves outside the door and ordered a Chilli Masala. Wives tale or not it was a good excuse to have a takeaway.

In the bath I could feel the outline of my baby, his spine through my skin, the protection of the water surrounding him all gone and my beautiful smooth bump looked a little deflated. I could feel him moving around, hiccuping as usual but no twinges, nothing.

At 10pm we got into bed and I tried to watch a program on the lap top but couldn’t concentrate- a dull ache was filling my middle. The contractions had began. After a hour of trying to sleep I moved into the bed in the awaiting nursery, I managed another hour of contractions by counting and breathing very steadily and clenching my fists and eyes closed.

Suddenly it was too intense to lie still so I went down stairs and marched around the living room, it was not long before I had to shout up the stairs for Jamie. The pains were coming less than five minutes apart and I could only seem to stand in the doorway and stamp on the spot. It was time to go to the hospital. It turned out mine was closed as they were so busy so it was lucky that they sent me to another. For once all the lights were green and we arrived on the delivery ward at 3.45pm. I felt as if nobody really belived me that the arrival of my baby was imminent and I felt that if this was only the beginning of labour ‘how would I cope?’ but focus stopped my worry. I believed in my body’s ability to do this and tried to curb my mind  from turning this pain into fear. We were left to our own devices in a room that I marched up and down relentlessly. All Jamie could do was watch as I went further and further into my maternal and animalistic state. I can’t pretend I didn’t shout or scream. I can’t pretend I was polite as I shouted ‘why do I feel like I can push’ There was no rubbings of back or fanning of face for me. I was eight cm dilated and Sue the midwife called quickly for another lady. I felt estastic. He was almost here.

The next and last part of my birth story is the most important and life changing hour of my life. It was to me like an out of body experience, the pain pushed me through into a new sphere of feeling and exsistence. It was hugely empowering as it still is to me today. Although it now all seems like a dream I clearly remembering thinking ‘this is transistion’ and that knowledge despite the removal of all control calmed me somewhere in a tiny piece of my mind. Suddenly it was different -as my spine felt like it was going to explode I knew that now I had overcome the sensations of contracting my cervix open and my baby was moving through. It was really the most strange feeling of absolute fullness and just so fantastically bloody amazing. Here I was actually giving birth. It felt hugely natural for me to be on all fours and biting onto a flannel. I remember the frustration of feeling him moving back up and how that pushing that hard was like nothing I had ever done before physically. Every shred of energy left in every corner of my body was all singing and shouting together and straining as hard as they could all in the same direction. Every sensation and feeling pushing my mind higher and higher.

When my Bobby was actually born I like to think of the scene as being almost comedic (although I explain this as I was told rather than from a memory) As I lay on my side. Jamie held one leg in the air, I had my other on the midwifes shoulder and my arms pulling around Jamies waist (he had to brace himself against the bed, to stop me pulling him over!) He was born at 6.15pm.

Then it was over and I had this tiny little person lying on me, the first memory I have is of stroking my hand over his smooth purple back and thinking. ‘Yes thats him’ as I had felt his little body inside mine, through my skin.

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