Caprice’s Birth Story (induction)

Caprice suffered with debilitating SPD during her pregnancy and the doctors advised induction of labour at 37+2. Although initially apprehensive of the induction process Caprice and Holly remained positive and applied the hypnobirthing techniques they had learnt from attending our course. Here is the story of the birth of Honey Blossom Fox….

We got the call on Wednesday 18th July telling us our induction was going to be on Monday the 23rd of July. We both felt really overwhelmed and I felt quite scared initially. We would be 37+2 at that point. On the 23rd we went to Southmead and I was given the pessary at 6pm. We thought it would be a slow process so Holly went home and I slept at the hospital. At approx 1am on Tuesday the 24th I started getting stomach cramps but I felt relatively calm. I didn’t start my breathing because I didn’t find them very powerful. Holly came back to the hospital and I was quite tired at this point. At 6pm they were due to break my waters, however at 02.24 my waters broke naturally. Once they broke my surges started soon after. We managed these well, I was able to get off the bed and sit on the birthing ball and Holly gave light touch massage with lavender oils on my back. During the massage she practised the breathing with me and I felt very calm. Our room was very quiet with the midwife leaving us to it, when she did come in she kept saying “your breathing is really good!” At approx 7.30/8pm we were taken down to the delivery suite. I was having more powerful surges at this point but I kept my eyes shut whilst being taken down there until we got to our room.

At this point I assumed I would be nervous but I felt fine and I loved that the midwife read my birth plan so she knew we were hypnobirthing! She dimmed the lights and the room remained quiet throughout. For the majority of our time it was just myself, Holly and our midwife so the room was very calm.
Due to severe SPD I had been in a wheelchair for the past two months, unable to open my legs. Because of this I requested an early epidural in order for them to do an internal examination because at this point they weren’t even sure how dilated I was, if at all! At 10pm they administered the epidural but because of my SPD I wasn’t able to get into the best position so we later found out that it wasn’t going to work properly!
At 11.25pm I had an internal examination and we were 5cm dilated! We both felt great because we had got to that point with no painkillers. We felt so calm at this point that Holly left and drove to Asda to get me some isotonic drinks! We assumed it be a slow process from here… once she got back (she must have driven quickly because it didn’t feel like long!) I continued doing my up breathing.
At 1.43am on Wednesday the 25th I had another internal examination and was fully dilated! At this point the midwife told us to have a rest for an hour to give baby a chance to move down the birth canal. This was our favourite bit of the journey haha, we both had a great nap! At 2.50am the midwife woke us up and told us that we needed to start pushing. We then realised that the epidural wasn’t working properly! Although it dimmed the pain I could feel each surge which were getting more and more powerful. Holly continued light touch massage and both her and the midwife did the down breathing with me. As they got more powerful I had to pull Holly onto my chest with my arms round her neck. This seems to really help me feel close to her and supported through each surge. At 3.40am I became quite tired so was put on the hormone drip to help bring back the surges as they had slowed down. At this point the doctor came in as they were slightly concerned that because of my SPD I wasn’t able to manoeuvre into a position to get the baby out. The doctor suggested either putting my legs in stirrups and helping us by using the forceps… I chose just the stirrups! I began to push through my down breathing and suddenly Holly told me she could see the head so I reached down and could feel her hair! A second later her head was almost out and for some reason I felt so tired I asked for the doctor to come back as I wanted the forceps! The doctor came and said she would get the forceps. When she left the room the midwife asked me to do one more push, I did and at 4.59am on Wednesday the 25th of July Honey Blossom Fox arrived! We had done it! 5 minutes later the doctor was back and Holly told them they were too late, our baby was here! Our perfect girl weighed 6lb 2oz and we had skin to skin straight away with delayed cord cutting. It felt amazing going through this process with just the midwife in the room, she even commented and said “there’s 3 strong women in here”.

We just want to say a HUGE thank you to you Sharon. During the course myself and Holly were worried we weren’t doing it right etc but when the time came it all came so naturally to us. I felt completely ‘in the zone’. When we found out we were being induced I did panic and you were there on hand (via email) within the hour with some tips, videos and advice and went out of your way to send us the birthing tracks CD first class in the post.

Thank you for everything, our birth experience would have been very different without hypnobirthing!

Caprice, Holly and Honey Fox