A Grandmother’s Story (midwife’s birth)

Jade, a midwife, had a natural pool birth with her first baby after doing a HypnoBirthing course with Katheryn. Initially anxious, her amazing birth experience inspired her to train as a HypnoBirthing Practitioner to help other women. Jade’s mum was a birth partner, alongside her husband. Here is her story;

jade at home

My name is Clare, and on the 14th of January 2014 I became a Nonna!

I went to the hospital at twenty past two in the morning as I wanted to be there as my daughter gave birth! I wasn’t prepared for the glorious sight that greeted me as I arrived! I ran into the ward, and as I came into the room, I felt like I had entered a magical world.

When I walked into the room I was overwhelmed by a sense of calm. Beautiful music was playing and the room was softly lit with fairy lights glowing in the window. My beautiful daughter was in full labour. I knew she was aware I was there but my daughter was in another place. She had taken herself to a place where she truly felt no pain and was at one with her body.

My beautiful girl was truly in control and I knew she was so excited but aware there was a little way to go before she met her daughter. Mikey her partner, and my soon to be son-in-law was totally with Jade and I knew that he had gone with her to that special place. Any anxiety I had about the birth completely disappeared as I joined Jade and Mikey in their special and calm place. Jade got in and out of the birthing pool during her labour.

Sometimes she squatted, sometimes she leant on Mikey, sometimes we spoke, sometimes there was just no need for words. The bond between Jade, Mikey and myself was so, so strong, and as we moved around the room and helped Jade in and out of the pool we just knew where to stand, how to be with each other, there was no awkwardness.

We had the most amazing midwife who totally understood and respected hypnobirthing, and was so, so supportive. She allowed Jade to remain in control. Toward the end of the second stage, she encouraged Jade to get out of the pool and adopt a position to help bring the baby round the bend! At full dilatation, jade even relaxed with a cup of sweet tea and biscuits in the pool to boost her flagging energy levels! My beautiful girl, although slightly anxious during the transitional phase whereby her body took over, was so powerful and womanly, and gave nothing more than an empowering groan as the second stage progressed! Jade, with Mikey and myself at her side pushed her baby with ease round the bend and nearly out into the world! But her amazing midwife knew the time was near, and advised Jade to get back in the pool to birth. Jade wanted Mikey to bring their baby up to the surface. My beautiful daughter leant back against the bath looking so calm and all woman! Then with one final push at 06.21am my amazing granddaughter Aoife Clare May was born! My wonderful, girl had bought this most precious gift into the world with no pain relief, in four hours, due to the wonderful powers of hypnobirhing! Aoife has always been a very calm and relaxed baby from day one. She also took to feeding with no problems..another credit to hypnobirthing perhaps?!


jade in pool       


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