VBAC Homebirth

Following less than positive birth experiences (including an emergency caesarean section), H chose to birth her fourth baby at home after being taught HypnoBirthing by Sharon.  Here is her story;

I woke up at about 2am on Tuesday aware of annoying twinges, not painful, just there when I didn’t appreciate it.  It carried on off and on all Wednesday, really irregularly but getting to the point of having to breathe through, then nothing for half hour or more. I had a bath like Sharon had suggested, thinking it’d probably kill it off and chucked in loads of jasmine oil for good measure! They settled to 6 – 4 minutes apart from 3am. I hadn’t gotten a moments sleep and was using TENS and breathing religiously.I found sleep breathing better than surge breathing at that point and just got back into the right headspace from the start of each surge, all the way through, chatting to my husband in between.

The midwives arrived at 4am and I asked them to check my dilation – a very good 4cm and I could get into the pool if I wanted to. I eventually came down out of my zone but then they all died straight off so I went back upstairs til I needed to hang off my husband with every surge, calmly coping exquisitely well.  The midwives were checking her heartbeat every half hour or so  but otherwise stayed away and let me do my own thing. At about 6.30 I got into the pool which was nice but I found the TENS machine hard to give up. The kids got up and went to a friends to get ready for school at 7.30 and after that it heated up a bit. I had to remind myself it was intense and full of pressure but what I was feeling was not pain, and that worked throughout my labour.

I had one contraction of thinking ‘what am I doing?! ‘I don’t wanna do this anymore’ then with the next three I needed to breathe out the f word to try not to push, all unnoticed by the midwives who were doing their handover in the kitchen. I said I wanted to be checked as my waters hadn’t gone yet but I was thinking I must be fully dilated, at which point I’d had a feel and there was a bubble just inside which popped as I touched it and with three contractions and a midwife hastily coming in and grabbing a torch she crowned. Then I realised I’d never felt that before, numbed  for an episiotomy and with an epidural. ‘omg wtf that’s never gonna come through there! Sorry, its just too big’ I wailed! Very unladylike eh?! Well sure enough she did fit, (ouch!) and at 8.20 my husband caught her. We waited til the cord stopped pulsating, and he cut the cord. I waited over an hour for placenta, fed baby, attempted a wee etc but nothing came quickly and I wanted baby back so I asked for the jab. Lost only a trickle of blood really. All in all the midwives were great, very supportive and I’m incredibly impressed with the outcome, I think they were too!

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