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caprice and holly


As midwives teaching hypnobirthing we know that reading positive birth stories is empowering and helps you to be in the right, confident state of mind to give birth. Unfortunately, far too often the media and our culture prepares us to fear birth and doubt our bodies.

These birth stories from real women shows just how amazing women’s bodies are, helping to restore the faith that women can give birth to their babies naturally.  The stories show just how wonderful hypnobirthing is; everything you have heard is true.

jade in pool

Most of these stories come from women we have taught hypnobirthing to, and include our own babies births using hypnobirthing.  We have also included a few stories of some friends of ours who had wonderful births.

Please note that our intention is to spread the word about positive birth but we appreciate that not everyone is fortunate enough to have a good experience.  We passionately believe that all mothers deserve respect and praise however their babies are born.

We want to show you that birth can actually be an enjoyable experience and we know these stories will inspire you.  A big thank you to all of the families that have willingly shared their stories and photos.

Sharon, Katheryn, Jade, Michelle & Katie xx  

Registered Midwives and Experienced Hypnobirthing Practitioners

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